Meet the Team

Meet the Team

If you’ve ever wonder who’s behind the things you’ve been seeing and hearing during your time at Basement, look no further! Unless the things you’ve been seeing and hearing are telling you to do crazy things. If that’s the case it’s probably your neighbour’s dog messing with your head again.

Scroll below for brief  bios on the Basement Arts team and contact info We’d love hear from you!

Azed Majeed

Executive Producer/Editor
I am a producer, director and editor who has worked in television, film and web production for over 14 years.  I am a media junkie addicted to visual storytelling across all platforms and obsessive about discovering new approaches and directions in media.


On a personal note I would describe myself as an ambivalent narcissist. Additionally, I can hammer things.  I like mustard and I cry at movies when I’m supposed to, like a trained seal.


Jay Wolting


I said I wasn’t too keen on writing a bio for myself, I meant it.


Omar Majeed


My work has been shown on CityTV and the CBC; at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Montreal’s Féstival du nouveau cinéma, the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam, Göteborg Film Festival, and South by Southwest Film Festival.

I’ve also won a Gemini Award; so, yeah, kind of a big deal.