Sound & Vision

Sound and Vision takes five promising local bands and pairs them up with five emerging voices from the local film scene. Once partnered, each filmmaker is then provided with minimal equipment and a crew, as well as post production facilities. Then, they are tasked with making a short film inspired by one of the band’s original songs with the following restrictions:

  1. They must conceive, produce, shoot and edit the film in two weeks.
  2. They will have a maximum budget of $100.
  3. Each video will be shot in a pre-determined Toronto neighborhood.

Sound and Vision gives exposure to unique and exciting artistic voices, reveals the artistic process in motion and celebrates the creative impulse in all of us.

Click through to watch an episode and read a behind-the-scenes perspective on the making thereof.

  • Episode One: Dream Pop Beach
    Episode One: Dream Pop Beach In Episode One: Dream Pop Beach our host Azed pairs the band Elsa and their beautiful dreamy pop soundscapes with the beautiful, dreamy actor/director, Fabrizio Filippo. 80s...
  • Episode Two: Post Punk Market
    Episode Two: Post Punk Market The inferior, yet far less violent, robot model AZ 2000 takes over hosting duties and recruits experimental filmmaker Scott Miller Berry to interpret and adapt a...
  • Episode Three: Tribal Beat University
    Episode Three: Tribal Beat University The spawn of 20th century French intellectualism, more than a little Satanism/Paganism and the rugged beauty of the Canadian wilderness, the band Doomsquad provides film...
  • Episode Four: Trippy Italy
    Episode Four: Trippy Italy Human Azed presents stand-up comedians and all around clowns of the highest order, Sandra Battaglini and Phil Luzi, who take up the challenge thrown down by...
  • Episode Five: Electric Park
    Episode Five: Electric Park Realizing that human Azed was not up to the task of hosting, Basement Inc decided the hulking shell of a robot left after the deactivation of...