Episode Five: Electric Park

Episode Five: Electric Park

Realizing that human Azed was not up to the task of hosting, Basement Inc decided the hulking shell of a robot left after the deactivation of AZ 2000 was preferable to the blundering performance of Human Azed in Episode Four.

Azed responds: Yup.

So, in this episode Hulking Shell of a Robot AZ 2000 challenged filmmaker and all around meticulous technician Mark Zanin to be inspired by the good time rock & roll of The Electric Ants.

Influenced by some of the all-time greats, including The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and fellow Canadians Teenage Head, The Electric Ants may be a bit older than your average garage band, but they make up for it with some serious song-writing chops and razor sharp lyricism.

The expert cinematographer and fount of film knowledge Mark Zanin has been the mind behind several impressive projects including short film Sunday Morning and webseries Sweet Fever. Mark is also known for his charity, kindness to the elderly and generally being pretty dope. Even though some doctors have suggested that his dopeness is a symptom of supernumerary nipple syndrome Basement Inc fails to see how that matters.