Episode One: Dream Pop Beach

Episode One: Dream Pop Beach

In Episode One: Dream Pop Beach our host Azed pairs the band Elsa and their beautiful dreamy pop soundscapes with the beautiful, dreamy actor/director, Fabrizio Filippo.

80s shoegaze acolytes, Elsa are a band made up of a handful of scrappy young upstarts signed to Toronto label One Big Silence and you can stream their latest EP here. It’s dreamy beautiful!

Fabrizio is a veteran of numerous projects from the film Waydowntown to the miniseries Lives of the Saints to the TV show Billable Hours. And as a low level employee of Basement Inc, I feel pretty confident he thinks he’s better than me.

Producer’s Note: This episode is also notable as a failed experiment with the animatronic robot host AZ 5000. Following a Westworld like meltdown resulting in the hospitalization of two Swedish tourists and the destruction of a rather tasty looking turkey sandwich, Basement Inc was ordered by the courts to incinerate him.

We’ll miss you AZ 5000.

Executive Producer’s Note: Basement Inc. attempted to replace the turkey sandwich but the Deli was out of turkey that day, so a settlement was negotiated with the original owner of said sandwich. He subsequently accepted a Reuben sandwich in recompense despite disputed sandwich equivalency according to the Sandwich Board of Ontario’s Sandwich Index Grading System.