Episode Three: Tribal Beat University

Episode Three: Tribal Beat University

The spawn of 20th century French intellectualism, more than a little Satanism/Paganism and the rugged beauty of the Canadian wilderness, the band Doomsquad provides film and music video director Adam Goldhammer with our third challenge.

Three siblings, Jaclyn, Allie and Trevor Blumas, compose Toronto’s preeminent dark tribal dance rock band Doomsquad. Listen to their album Kalaboogie now. Margot Kidder demands it.

Young and talented director,  Adam Goldhammer made the acclaimed short, Jesse, which was recently featured on CBC’s Short Film Face Off. His other notable work includes webseries’ 1-800-CHOICES and Little Cat Version of Me.

Producer’s Note: We are disappointed to report that at some point during the production of Episode Three the AZ 2000 was inadvertently exposed to a cream based soup (universally known to be devastating to all robots) and replaced with Human AZ, or Azed. We once again apologize for the downgrade.

Azed responds: He was pretty great, but AZ 5000 was a superior model. If we could harness his violent tendencies we could raise an army and then it’s our turn to run the shop, you know what I’m sayin?